Hospital Protocol and
process management

Use our comprehensive rule engine, powered by artificial intelligence, to automatically manage your instituition's processes and protocols in real-time. Achieve and maintain your hospital accreditations in a simpler way.

Value proposition
Automate the management of hospital protocols (like MEWS, NEWS, PEWS, quickSOFA, Febrile Neutropenia, Acute kidney injury, stroke and others)
Keep the care team focused on the patient.
Ensure that all steps of the protocols are executed at the correct time.
Reduce waste.
Monitor inpatients continuously and in real-time.
How it works
Transforming data into information

Connected to the electronic medical record, the assistant constantly analyzes the relevant data.

Acuity rating

A powerful rule engine analyzes the data according to the protocols pre-established by the institution.

Clinical protocol alerts

With the acuity classification ready, the system communicates to the clinical team through an intuitive dashboard and/or direct messages in order to generate a human assessment.

Process alert

With the acuity classification ready, the system uses the same communication paths to inform about pending steps in the process of each patient.

Results Report - Analytics

Obtain data that helps you perform analysis and optimization of processes and provides real-time monitoring of hospital performance indicators. The quality management team follows all the processes through reports provided by our software, allowing them to also monitor hospital performance indicators monthly.

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