Antimicrobial Stewardship

A powerful Antimicrobial Management Program, that presents deep insights about the institution’s infection prevention management and assists with antimicrobial prescriptions, improving the daily lives of patients and physicians.

Value proposition
Optimize antimicrobial consumption.
Increase the empirical therapeutic hit rate.
Prescribe antibiotics based on the hospital's sensitivity profile.
Increased infection prevention control team productivity.
Prevention of hospital resources waste.
Increase the de-escalation rate in patients with positive blood cultures.
Reduce costs with inadequate surgical prophylaxis.
How it works
Search for alerts

Through alerts, check the results of culture exams quickly. The app also shows the patient’s medication history, detailing dose and time of administration.

See the results

Check results of cultures instantaneously and the sensitivity profile with ease.

Single ward analysis

The microbiology of the entire hospital in one place. With this functionality, it is possible to search for patients hospitalized in specific wards in your institution in seconds.

Check medication protocols

Easy access to your institution’s clinical protocols (pediatric and adult) which are stored in an exclusive section for easy access at any moment.

Pathogens and antibiotics

Check the history of the incidence of pathogens and the use of antibiotics segmented by sectors in your institution.

Virtual Assistant

Search for complete information about: pathogens, antimicrobials and syndromes. (Targeted treatment, sensitivity and epidemiology, spectrum of action, dosage, adverse effects, pharmacology, empirical therapy, among others.)

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